Furuno BR-500 Medical Alarms User Manual

Usage precautions
Back-up power supply
The BR-500 is not equipped with a back-up power supply. Use an external back-up power supply
(24 VDC) when the main or auxiliary power fails.
Motion Detector (BR-560)
z The Motion Detector judges motion by the amount of temperature change within the detection
area. If the area has source(s) of heat other than personnel or the temperature change is too
small, detection of motion may not be possible. Keep the following points in mind:
Motion is mis-detected when
movement in sleep is judged as motion.
movement by small animal(s) is judged as motion.
equipment that circulates air (air conditioner, etc.), steam-generating warmers and the like
causes temperature change.
sunlight or shade in the detection area causes temperature change.
Motion cannot be detected if
the temperature change in personnel or detection area is too small.
personnel motion is too fast or too slow
there is an impedance between personnel and the Motion Detector.
z The Motion Detector can be affected by sunlight. Install it in a place well away from sunlight.
Alarm ACK signal
The BR-500 receives the Alarm ACK signal in contact signal format only. It cannot receive the sig-
nal in serial format.
Resetting the watch alarm timer
Reset the watch alarm timer from the Timer Reset Panel, which is installed next to the Main Alarm