Furuno BR-500 Medical Alarms User Manual

4.6 Watertight Timer Reset Panel BR-550 (option)
Follow the mounting considerations in section 4.2 when selecting a location. Refer to
the outline drawing at the back of this manual for dimensions.
1. Pass the signal cable through the gland and then the Nut of the Waterproof Case.
Pass the cable into the unit. Process the cable as shown on page 4-13.
2. Connect the signal cable to the WAGO terminal block on the Chassis. See the in-
terconnection diagram.
3. A gasket is fitted on the Chassis. Confirm that the gasket is correctly seated. If not
correctly seated, re-seat the gasket, referring to the illustration below for the in-
serting direction.
4. Fasten the Chassis to the Waterproof Case with the screws supplied. Do not use
other types of screws; watertight integrity cannot be guaranteed.