Furuno BR-500 Medical Alarms User Manual

4.5.2 Bulkhead mount (option)
This mounting method requires the optional bulkhead mount kit (Type: OP24-20,
Code No. 001-118-740-00), the contents of which are shown in the table below. The
cable can be led into the unit from the bottom or rear of the unit.
Lead in the cable from the rear of the unit
1. Prepare a cutout in the mounting location, referring to the outline drawing.
2. Pass the cable through the cutout and the Mount Case and connect it to the ter-
minal on the Chassis.
3. Remove the Clamp from the bottom of the Mount Base. Remove the cable protec-
tor from the clamp and attach it to the supplied clamp. Attach the supplied Clamp
to the rear cover with the same screws. (You may discard the clamp originally at-
tached to the Mount Base.)
Name Type Code No. Qty Remarks
Mount Case 24-012-3101-0 100-362-890-10 1
Mount Base 24-012-3102-1 100-362-901-10 1
Clamp 24-012-3103-0 100-362-910-10 1
Self-tapping Screw 4×20 SUS304 000-158-850-10 4
Binding Screw M3×8 SUS304 000-172-166-10 4
Mount Case
Mount Base
Cable Protector