Furuno BR-1000 Medical Alarms User Manual

A Word to the Owner of the BR-1000
Congratulations on your choice of the BR-1000 Bridge Alarm System. We are confident you will
see why the FURUNO name has become synonymous with quality and reliability.
For over 60 years FURUNO Electric Company has enjoyed an enviable reputation for innovative
and dependable marine electronics equipment. This dedication to excellence is furthered by our
extensive global network of agents and dealers.
Your equipment is designed and constructed to meet the rigorous demands of the marine envi-
ronment. However, no machine can perform its intended function unless properly operated and
maintained. Please carefully read and follow the operation and maintenance procedures set forth
in this manual.
Thank you for considering and purchasing FURUNO.
We would appreciate feedback from you, the end-user, about whether we are achieving our pur-
The BR-1000 Bridge Alarm System collectively controls the warning notice from equipment on the
bridge and monitors watch officer’s presence to prevent marine accidents.
Complies with IMO Resolution MSC.125(75) for Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System
Collectively manages and presents alarm information on the Bridge Panel
Alarm information is sorted and displayed according to set priority
Watch safety alarm watches for unattended bridge or operator disability
Transmits alarm to backup officer if the Officer of the Watch fails to respond to active alarm or
emergency call
Software history
xx=minor change
BR-1010 Application Program BR-1010 FPGA Program BR-1020 Program
Initial version 06/2009
Initial version 06/2009
Initial version 06/2009