Furuno BR-1000 Medical Alarms User Manual

For ID 001-003, the buzzer at the Bridge Panel sounds and the Timer Reset Panel
flashes its BRIDGE ALARM button and sounds the buzzer. If the BUZ STOP and
ACK keys are not operated within 30 seconds after an event has occurred, the alarm
is then sent to the Cabin Panels.
For ID 004-008, only the lamp flashes (in red). The buzzer is not given and the alarm
is not sent to the next stage.
2.6.3 Operation help indications
Operation help is shown in white characters.
[GUID] YYY: xxxxxxx (YYY is ID no., xxxxxxx is the help message)
A help message is erased after you operate the equipment according to the help. Be-
low are the help messages.
Message Meaning
GUID 001 Press [ESC] key to exit. Use ESC key to exit from currently
displayed menu.
GUID 002 Press [LEFT]/[RIGHT]
key to select page.
1) Select page when Bridge Alarm Display
is shown.
2) Select page when simplified editing
display is shown.
3) Select alarm settings when simplified
editing display is shown.
GUID 003 Press [UP]/[DOWN] key
to select an item.
Use up/down arrow on Cursor pad to select
item on menu.
GUID 004 Out of range You entered a numeric value that is out of
specified input range.
GUID 005 Duplicate name exists. You entered a name that already exists.
GUID 006 Press [ENTER] key to
Edit selected Cabin Panel from Cabin Panel
Setting menu.
GUID 007 Press [UP]/[DOWN]/
[LEFT]/[RIGHT] key
1) Operate arrow pads on Cursor pad to
select a Cabin Panel from Cabin Panel
Setting Menu.
2) Select a Cabin Panel to call with Nav.
Off. Call function.
GUID 008 To select an item. Continuation of GUID007
GUID 009 Press [ENTER] key to
Press the ENTER button to call Cabin Panel
selected with Nav. Off. Cal function.