Furuno BR-1000 Medical Alarms User Manual

4. ADMINISTRATOR MENU (Initial Settings)
4.3 Back-up Officer
When an alarm is generated and the OOW does not acknowledge the alarm, the alarm
is sent to the quarters of the back-up navigation officer after the selected time interval
has elapsed. This section shows you how to select a back-up navigation officer.
1. Open the Administrator menu, select [Back-up Officer Select] and press the
ENTER key.
The back-up officer selection window appears. The names shown in the window
were set at installation. To change the names, contact a FURUNO agent or deal-
2. Use the left or right arrow on the Cursor pad to display a name. For example,
C/Officer, 1/Officer, 2/Officer, 3/Officer. If those names have been registered, the
window looks like the ones shown below.
3. Press the ENTER key to close the window. The name of the selected back-up of-
ficer appears in the Set column in the Administrator menu.
4. Press the ESC key to quit. The selected back-up officer appears in the BACK-UP
box at the bottom left corner of the screen.
4.4 Captain Back-up
Select whether to include the Captain as a back-up navigation officer. That is, select
whether to forward the alarm to the Cabin Panel in the Captain’s room in the 2nd stage
or the 3rd stage.
Select [Enable] or [Disable]. See the description below.
Selection Function
Enable The Captain is included in the 2nd stage. The DUTY lamp lights,
and in the 2nd stage the ALARM lamp lights and the buzzer
Disable The Captain is not included in the 2nd stage. The DUTY lamp is
off. In the 3rd stage, the ALARM lamp lights and the buzzer
Back-up Officer Select
Back-up Officer Select
Back-up Officer Select
2/Offic er
Back-up Officer Select
Captain Bac k-up
Disable Enable
Captain Bac k-up