Furuno BR-1000 Medical Alarms User Manual

This manual has been authored with simplified grammar, to meet the needs of international
The operator of this equipment must read and follow the descriptions in this manual. Wrong
operation or maintenance can cancel the warranty or cause injury.
Do not copy any part of this manual without written permission from FURUNO.
If this manual is lost or worn, contact your dealer about replacement.
The contents of this manual and equipment specifications can change without notice.
The example screens (or illustrations) shown in this manual can be different from the screens
you see on your display. The screens you see depend on your system configuration and equip-
ment settings.
Save this manual for future reference.
Any modification of the equipment (including software) by persons not authorized by FURUNO
will cancel the warranty.
All brand and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their
respective holders.
How to discard this product
Discard this product according to local regulations for the disposal of industrial waste. For disposal
in the USA, see the homepage of the Electronics Industries Alliance (http://www.eiae.org/) for the
correct method of disposal.
How to discard a used battery
Some FURUNO products have a battery(ies). To see if your product has a battery(ies), see the
chapter on Maintenance. Follow the instructions below if a battery(ies) is used.
In the European Union
The crossed-out trash can symbol indicates that all types of batteries
must not be discarded in standard trash, or at a trash site. Take the
used batteries to a battery collection site according to your national
legislation and the Batteries Directive 2006/66/EU.
In the USA
The Mobius loop symbol (three chasing arrows) indicates that Ni-Cd
and lead-acid rechargeable batteries must be recycled. Take the used
batteries to a battery collection site according to local laws.
In the other countries
There are no international standards for the battery recycle symbol. The number of symbols can
increase when the other countries make their own recycle symbols in the future.
Ni-Cd Pb