Smeg SHW1235X Microscope & Magnifier User Manual

The appliance can be controlled using a remote control powered
by a 1.5 V carbon-zinc alkaline batteries of the standard LR03-
AAA type (not included).
Do not place the remote control near to heat sources.
Used batteries must be disposed of in the proper manner.
Metal grease filters
They can be washed in the dishwasher, and need to be cleaned
whenever Button G flashes or at least once every 2 months use,
or more frequently if use is particularly intensive.
Resetting the alarm signal
Turn the Lights and the Suction motor off, then disable the 24h
function, if enabled.
• Press button G and hold for approximately 5 seconds (See
paragraph on Use).
Cleaning the Filters
• Remove the filters one at a time holding them up with one
hand and pulling the handle downwards with the other hand at
the same time.
• Wash the filters, taking care not to bend them. Allow them to
dry before refitting.
• When refitting the filters, make sure that the handle is visible
on the outside.