Golden Technologies GL110 Mobility Scooter User Manual

LiteRider™ Owner’s Manual Rev.A_122810
Resetting the Main Circuit Breaker
1. If the main circuit breaker trips as a result of run-down batteries or because of a
temporary overload, reset the circuit breaker:
2. Wait ten minutes or so for the motor control board to return to the normal operating
temperature range.
3. Make certain that the key switch is set to the “Off” position.
4. Press in on the main circuit breaker reset button. See figure 27 on page 32.
NOTE: If the main circuit breaker continues to trip, there is probably an underlying
electrical fault that needs attention.
• Contact your authorized Golden Technologies, Inc. dealer.
• Do not keep resetting the main circuit breaker without correcting the underlying electrical
The diagnostics feature of your Golden LiteRider’s microprocessor based motor control
board functions as follows:
• Any fault condition with the controller or with an associated system will cause the scooter
to beep.
• The beep codes will occur as a series of beeps after one long beep.
• The number of beeps in each series is referred to as the “Beep Code.”
• The beep code indicates the nature of the condition or fault.
Beep Codes
1 Beep
• Indicates that the battery voltage (with the throttle control lever in the neutral position) is
below the required operating voltage of the scooter.
• The batteries need to be charged.
• Your LiteRider will continue to operate at reduced speeds.
• As the voltage drops you will experience a power loss.
Remedy: Charge your LiteRider’s batteries. See “Batteries and Charging” in this section.
2 Beeps
• Indicates that the battery voltage is too low for the scooter to operate.
• At this voltage your scooter will cease operation.
• If you have charged the batteries and the condition continues, one or both of the scooter’s
batteries may be at fault.
• The continuance of this condition after you have charged your LiteRider’s batteries may
also indicate a problem with the battery charger.
3 Beeps
Consult your authorized Golden Technologies, Inc. dealer.