Citizen REF CH-491E Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

Eng 8
If the memory recall switch is pressed, the average values of the
all stored data (systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure,
and pulse) are indicated first.
If the memory recall switch is pressed further, the newest data
are indicated.
If the memory recall switch is pressed further, the old data are
indicated in the order of the time series.
5. Deletion of Memory Data
q Press and hold the Memory clear switch for one second
or longer while a data to be deleted is indicated on the
digital indicator unit. After that data is deleted, the buzzer
sounds for 100ms.
w To clear the all memory data, including the average val-
ues, press and hold the Memory clear switch for eight
6. Graphic Indication
q Data are indicated graphically only in the Measurements
10 15 20 25 30
10 15 20 25 30
10 15 20 25 30
w The data at the left end has No. 1, and the newest data
is at the right end.
A new blood pressure is registered automatically after it is
Memory recall function does not work during automatic infla-
tion and blood pressure measurement are being made.
By depressing of Reset terminal on the rear side of instru-
ment, data (blood pressure value, pulse and date) are all
7. Automatic Mode Change Function
The blood-pressure meter is automatically set in the clock
mode approximately 3 minutes after the blood pressure is
8. Battery Replacement
If the batteries become weak, the mark will appear in
the display, indicating that batteries should be replaced with
new one. Dispose of the dead batteries properly to preserve
the environment.
Remove the battery cover at
mainframe and replace the four
pieces of batteries.
Type AA battery or equivalent is
suitable for this blood pressure
Finish the battery replacement
procedure within 2 minutes. If it
takes more than 2 minutes to fin-
ish the procedure, the saved data
will be lost. It is recommended to
take notes of important data be-
fore replacing the battery.
Batteries are dead.
Battery will be dead soon.
This is rough indication and dispersed,
depending on batteries.
Batteries are normal.
* Depending on the battery,
may not be on the display.