Citizen REF CH-491E Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

Eng 6
2. Attaching of Arm Cuff and Posture During
Unfasten and open the cuff as shown
in the figure.
Wind the arm cuff around the left upper arm tightly so that
bottom edge of the cuff is positioned about 2 – 3 cm above
the elbow joint.
When you will wind the cuff, please wind the cuff next
to the skin of possible.
(If measurement is made by rolling the shirts or jacket
up over the arm, this will constrict the upper arm and
prevent accurate measurement.)
Rubber cuff hose should be placed on the inside of your
arm on top of the arteria as figure.
Please make sure that the cuff is fastened tightly. Note
that uneven cuff winding will prevent proper measure-
1. Selection of Measuring Mode
Insert the air connector from
the cuff into the tube socket
at the mainframe until it is
tightly connected.
Press on the mode switch.
While the time is indicated.
If the Mode switch is pressed, the
mark of “Q” lights up and the buzzer
sounds for one second.
After the mark of “Q” goes off, the
buzzer sounds three times at the in-
terval of 100ms, then the meter is au-
tomatically set to the state to wait for
2 3cm