Sonicare HX6731/02 Electric Toothbrush User Manual

Getting started
Changing the color code ring
Sonicare brush heads come with interchangeable color code rings to
identify your brush head.
To change the color code ring:
1 Pull the color code ring from the bottom of the brush head.
2 Install a new ring by slipping one edge of the new ring over the
bottom of the brush head. Then press down on the other side to
snap the ring into place.
Attaching the brush head
1 Align the brush head so the bristles face the front of the handle.
2 Firmly press the brush head down onto the metal shaft until it stops.
Note: There is a small gap between the color code ring and the handle.
Charging your Sonicare
1 Plug the charger into a live outlet.
2 Place the handle on the charger.
The battery charge indicator next to the battery symbol ashes to
indicate that the toothbrush is charging.
Battery charge indicator
The battery charge indicator shows the approximate remaining battery
Deluxe charge indicator (select models):
Solid green: 50-100%
Flashing green: 10-49%