Sonicare HX6731/02 Electric Toothbrush User Manual

12 Sonicare is a personal care device and is not intended for use on
multiple patients in a dental of ce or institution.
13 Do not use attachments other than those recommended by the
14 If your toothpaste includes peroxide, baking soda or other bicarbonate
(common in whitening toothpastes), thoroughly clean your brush head
and handle with soap and water after each use. Otherwise plastic
cracking may occur.
15 To avoid damage to the product, do not place the brush head, handle,
charger or charger covers in the dishwasher for cleaning.
1 Consult your dental professional before you use this product if you
have had oral or gum surgery in the previous 2 months.
2 Contact your dental professional if excessive bleeding occurs after
using this product or bleeding continues to occur after 1 week of use.
3 If you have a pacemaker or other implanted device contact your
physician or the device manufacturer prior to use.
4 Sonicare has been tested and is compliant with safety standards for
electromagnetic devices.
5 Consult your physician prior to using the Sonicare if you have medical
Your Sonicare (Fig. 1)
A Hygienic travel cap
B Brush head
C Interchangeable color code ring
D Handle with soft grip
E Power on/off button
F Brushing modes
G Charge light indicator
Deluxe charge indicator (select models)
Standard charge indicator (select models)
H Standard charger (select models)
H1 Charger cover with brush head holder
H2 Travel charger
I Deluxe charger (select models)
I1 Charger cover with brush head holder
I2 Travel charger
I3 Charger base with cord wrap