Sonicare HX6731/02 Electric Toothbrush User Manual

Cord wrap on deluxe charger (select models)
If your model includes the deluxe charger cover and base, the travel
charger is pre-installed inside the cover. If you want to shorten the power
cord, you can store excess cord in the cord wrap feature built into the
charger base.
1 To separate the charger cover from the charger base, press the two
gray snap bars on the charger base and pull the white charger cover
2 Wrap excess power cord around the gray charger base as shown in
the picture. Be sure to wrap the cord on the inside of the two snap
3 When you have stored the excess cord, guide the power cord
through the small groove in the rear of the gray charger base.
4 Reattach the charger cover by pressing it down over the charger
base until it snaps into place.
Tip: For extra convenience during travel, you can remove the travel charger and
use it without the charger cover and charger base.
Do not clean brush heads, handle, charger or charger covers in the
Toothbrush handle
1 Remove the brush head and rinse the metal shaft area with warm
Do not push on the rubber seal on the metal shaft with sharp objects, as
this may cause damage.
2 Use a damp cloth to wipe the entire surface of the handle.