Sonicare HX6731/02 Electric Toothbrush User Manual

Question Answer
Why does the Sonicare seem less
You may need to charge the Sonicare.
The Easy-start feature may be on. Deactivate the Easy-start feature
(See chapter ‘Features’).
You may need to replace your brush head.
Why does the Sonicare seem to
change power during brushing?
You may be in the Clean and White brushing mode. If this is the
case, the toothbrush starts in the Clean mode for 2 minutes
and then changes to the White mode for 30 seconds. The Clean
and White mode has a different sound and brush movement.
Do I need a special charger if I
travel with my Sonicare?
Travel tip: the Sonicare charger can be used with common
worldwide voltages between 100-240V AC, at either 50 or 60Hz. A
simple plug adapter is all that is required.