Shark sc3901w Skin Care Product User Manual

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Getting Started with Your Portable Steam Pocket
1 Turn the water tank cap counter
clockwise and remove from the tank.
(fig. 1)
Use the filling flask and pour water
into the tank. Do not overfill. Replace
the cap on the water tank.
(fig. 2)
IMPORTANT: Your Portable Steam
needs water to make steam!
Never use your Portable Steam
without water in the tank.
2 Plug into a 120-volt electrical outlet.
The Power Light will flash blue. If the
light does not turn on, reference the
troubleshooting section on page 14.
(fig. 3)
NOTE: To prolong the life of your
Portable Steam Pocket
, we
recommend using distilled water.
Your Shark
Pro Portable
Steam Pocket
is designed to clean
surfaces that will withstand high heat
and moisture. Do not use on unsealed
wood surfaces (especially wooden
antique furniture), unglazed ceramic
tile, painted surfaces or surfaces that
have been treated with wax, oils,
varnishes, or shellac. The sheen may be
removed by the heat, steam, and friction
of the cleaning tools. Lacquer and
polyurethane coatings provide a hard
durable protective finish that withstands
moisture, but it is always recommended
to test an isolated area of the surface to
be cleaned before proceeding.
We also recommend you check the use
and care instructions from the surface
When cleaning finished wood surfaces,
use broad, continuous cleaning strokes.
To prevent surface damage, avoid
focusing steam or allowing the cleaning
tools to sit in one spot for any amount
of time.
fig. 1
fig. 2
fig. 3