Shark sc3901w Skin Care Product User Manual

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Cleaning Tip: The Direct Steam Nozzle creates direct steam spray to clean
and sanitize hard to reach nooks & crannies and other places where germs
may build up. Use the Direct Steam nozzle to loosen and dislodge compact
dirt often found in corners and tight places where traditional methods and
cleaning tools tend to push dirt into, making it tough to reach and clean.
Spray direct steam and wipe clean with a wet cloth or paper towel.
Using Your Portable Steam Pocket
with Direct Steam Nozzle
CAUTION: Do not press steam
trigger until the Direct Steam Nozzle
is snapped into the main nozzle of
your Portable Steam Pocket
3 To remove the Direct Steam Nozzle
attachment, press and hold down the
release buttons. Then slide off of the
handheld steamer.
CAUTION: Do not press steam
trigger while removing the Direct
Steam Nozzle. Avoid touching the tip
of the Direct Steam Nozzle, as this
will be very hot after steaming.
NOTE: The Portable Steam Pocket
may continue to emit steam for a few
seconds after the trigger is released.
This is normal, and the steaming will
eventually come to a stop.
1 For spot cleaning and steaming, first
attach the Direct Steam Nozzle by
pressing the nozzle onto the Portable
Steam Pocket
until it clicks
into place. (fig. 4)
2 Then press and hold the steam
trigger button to start steaming.
While the steam trigger button is
pressed and held down, the
Power Light will be solid blue. When
released, the Power Light will return
to flashing blue. (fig. 5).
For effective cleaning, hold the
steam output nozzle 1-2 inches away
from the surface you’re cleaning.
fig. 4
fig. 5