Shark sc3901w Skin Care Product User Manual

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Using Your Portable Steam Pocket
with Flat Scrubber
4 To remove the Flat Scrubber Tool,
press and hold down the release
button. Then slide the Flat Scrubber
off of the hose.
CAUTION: Do not press steam
trigger while attaching or removing
the Flat Scrubber Tool.
CAUTION: Do not use the Flat
Scrubber without All-purpose
cleaning pad attached.
Cleaning Tip: The Flat Scrubber is designed for cleaning a variety of surfaces and is
exceptional on those that are large and flat including counter tops, table tops, walls
mirrors, windows, stairs, shelves and other similar surfaces. Super absorbent micro-
fiber loosens, lifts, and locks in dirt and grime while sanitizing at the same time.
To attach the All-Purpose Scrubber
pad, pull the pad gently over the Flat
Scrubber frame until the pad fits
2 Press the Flat Scrubber Tool onto the
Accessory hose until it clicks into place.
(fig. 8)
3 Press and hold the steam trigger
to create steam. While the steam
trigger button is pressed and held
down, the Power Light will be solid
blue. When released, the Power Light
will return to flashing blue. (fig. 9).
fig. 8
fig. 9