Philips Norelco 1250X/40 Electric Shaver User Manual

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-This will occur when the appliance is moved for
5 minutes without switching it on. The razor will
automatically go into power-saving mode.
C The lock symbol blinks on the display to
indicate the appliance is in power-saving mode.
-To deactivate the power-saving mode, simply
press the on/off button.
Charge Meter
Charge Meter monitors amount of remaining
battery power (Models 1260X, 1250X and
1250XCC) and actual shaving ‘minutes left’
(Models 1290X, 1280X and 1280XCC).
‘Minutes left’ or remaining battery capacity
is based on the amount of power consumed
shaving per minute and is dependent upon
your skin and beard type, whether you use
pre-shave lotion, and how often the trimmer
is used.
Initially your razor may need to go through 2
or 3 full charge/recharge cycles before
‘minutes left’ (Models 1290X, 1280X and
1280XCC) or remaining battery capacity
indicators (Models 1260X, 1250X and
1250XCC) begins to display your accurate
shaving minutes or battery power left.
Before First Use
Charge the razor before you start using it
(see ‘Charging’). Make sure the razor is
switched off before you start charging it.
Remove any sticker or protective foil from
the Display before using razor.
◗ Only use the power cord and charging stand
or Jet Clean System (models 1280XCC and
1250XCC only) provided to charge the razor.
◗ The power plug transforms 100-240V AC to
less than 24V DC.
Travel Lock (1280X, 1280XCC, 1260X,
1250X and 1250XCC)
The razor is equipped with a travel lock function.
You can use the travel lock function when you are
going to store the razor for a longer period or if
you are going to take the razor with you when
traveling. See ‘Travel Lock’ section for instructions
on how to use this function.
◗ Charging, recharging or storing at
temperatures below 40ºF or higher than 95ºF
adversely affects lifetime of batteries.
◗ Always unplug this charging stand/Jet Clean
System from the electrical outlet immediately
after use, except when razor is (re)charging.
You can store the razor in the charging stand
or Jet Clean System.