Philips Norelco 1250X/40 Electric Shaver User Manual

Replacing the Shaving Unit
Replace the shaving unit once a year for
optimal shaving results.
Replace damaged or worn razor heads with
model RQ12 Philips Norelco razor heads only.
The individual shaving heads (cutters and
combs) are NOT replaceable. Only the
one-piece shaving unit can be replaced.
Replacement Razor Head Assembly
C The replacement head indicator symbol starts
to blink and you will hear a beep (models
1290X, 1280X and 1280XCC) to remind you
to check if it's time to replace your shaving
unit to obtain optimal shaving results.
This razor/charging stand/Jet Clean System has no
other user-serviceable parts. For assistance call
Always remove razor from the charging stand/
Jet Clean System before cleaning appliance.
Unplug the charging stand/Jet Clean System
after charging/recharging or cleaning razor.
The charging stand/Jet Clean System and razor
may be wiped clean using a damp cloth.
Water from the tap should be on a warm
setting to clean any washable parts.
Note: DO NOT place or clean any parts of the
charging stand/Jet Clean System in a dishwasher.
The razor can be placed in the charging stand/
Jet Clean System for safe storage. Remove the
plug from outlet as soon as the razor is fully
charged or cleaned.
If appliance will not be used for an extended
period of time, it is recommended that the
cleaning solution in the Jet Clean canister be
emptied out before storing.
Be sure razor is turned off. Remove cord from
outlet and charging stand or Jet Clean System
before storing in a safe, dry location where
it will not be crushed, banged, or subject to
Do not wrap cord around razor/charging
stand or Jet Clean System when storing.
Store cord in a safe location where it will not
be cut or damaged.
Do not keep charging stand or Jet Clean
System permanently plugged into outlet.
Do not place or store charging stand/Jet
Clean System where it can fall or be pulled
into a tub or sink, water or other liquid while
plugged in.
C If storing razor in the charging stand, put
the Protective Razor Head Cap on razor to
protect heads.