Philips Norelco 1250X/40 Electric Shaver User Manual

4 Press the razor tightly into the holder to
lock it into place.
5 The display on the razor will indicate razor
is charging.
6 Charging requires one full hour. A fully
charged razor has a cordless shaving
time of up to 60 minutes (models 1290X,
1280X, 1280XCC and 1260X) or 50
minutes (models 1250X and 1250XCC).
1 Recharging requires one full hour.
Recharge when the minutes indication
blinks (models 1290X, 1280X and
1280XCC) or the bottom charging light
blinks orange (models 1260X, 1250X and
Always unplug charging stand/Jet Clean System
from the electrical outlet immediately after use,
except when razor is (re)charging.
Quick Charge
When batteries are totally depleted, recharging
the razor for approximately 3-5 minutes gives
enough energy for a 3-minute cordless shave.
Put It To The Test & Shaving Tips
21 Day Trial and Conversion Process. It is a fact
that your skin and beard need time to adjust to
a new shaving system.
Use your new razor exclusively for 3 weeks to
fully enjoy the closeness of a Philips Norelco
At first you may not get as close a shave as you
expect, or your face may even become slightly
irritated. This is normal since your beard and
skin will need time to adjust. Invest 3 weeks
and you’ll soon experience the full joy of your
new razor.
Stick with it! If you alternate shaving methods
during the adjustment period, it may make it
more difficult to adapt to the Philips Norelco
shaving system.
If you are still not convinced after 21 days,
Philips Norelco will refund you the full
purchase price as long as the request is
received within 45 days of purchase.
How To Shave With An Electric Razor
C◗ This symbol on the razor indicates that the
razor can be used in the bath or shower.
Make sure the charging stand/Jet Clean
System does not get wet or near water.
Shaving with a clean face gives the best results.
◗ Use this razor for its intended household use
as described in this manual.