Philips Norelco 1250X/40 Electric Shaver User Manual

3 Hold trimmer to exact hairline desired.
Move trimmer downward with gentle
4 Trim beard, moustache or sideburns using
the trimmer.
5 Turn razor OFF when finished.
The display lights up for a few seconds and then
shows the remaining battery capacity.
6 Thoroughly clean the trimmer after using
(see ‘Cleaning’).
Press the trimmer slide backwards to
retract the trimmer.
Put the Protective Razor Head Cap on the
Travel Lock (1280X, 1280XCC,
1260X, 1250X and 1250XCC)
If you are going to store the razor for a longer
time period or if traveling, it is possible to lock
the razor. The travel lock prevents the razor from
being switched on by accident.
Activating the travel lock
1 Press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.
◗ Models 1280X and 1280XCC, the display
starts to count down from 3. At 1, the razor
beeps to indicate it is locked.
◗ Model 1250XCC, the top charging light blinks,
then the second charging light and so on.
◗ The lock symbol appears on the display.
NOTE: The displays of models 1280X, 1280XCC,
1260X, 1250X and 1250XCC look different, but
show the same symbol.
2 The travel lock has now been activated.
Deactivating the travel lock
1 Press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.
2 The lock symbol goes out and the razor
turns ON to indicate that the razor has been
unlocked. The razor is now ready for use.
The razor unlocks automatically when charging in
the charging stand or Jet Clean System.
Always clean your razor after each use.
Regular cleaning guarantees better shaving
3 sec