Philips Norelco 1250X/40 Electric Shaver User Manual

If you clean your razor every day, you should
clean and refill the canister approximately every
15 days.
C 5 Carefully lower the appliance back onto
the Jet Clean canister making sure the
release buttons snap back into place.
When the canister is filled with cleaning solution,
do not move appliance to prevent leakage.
Jet Cleaning the Razor
If the razor does not contain enough power
for one (1) shave, the Jet Clean Cleaning
System may not work properly. Charge the
razor in the
Jet Clean System
before using the
Jet Clean System to clean your razor.
If you use the razor with shaving foam, quickly
rinse under hot water before cleaning in the
Jet Clean System.
1 Connect the small plug to the
Jet Clean
. Connect the charging plug into
any 100V to 240V AC outlet. Use only the
charging plug provided.
2. Place the Jet Clean System on a flat, level
surface. Fill the canister with cleaning
solution (see ‘Preparing Jet Clean System
For Use’).
C 3 Remove protective razor head cap from
C 4 Place the razor head side down in the
razor holder with the display facing the
front of the Jet Clean System.
C 5 Press the razor tightly into the holder of
the Jet Clean System to lock into cleaning
cycle position.
The display on the razor will indicate razor is
6 Model 1280XCC only, press the up/down
button to select a cleaning program.
You can choose from 3 cleaning programs: eco
program, auto program and intensive program.
NOTE: The eco program has a shorter drying time
and the intensive program is a more thorough
cleaning program.
7 Press the ON/OFF button to start the
cleaning cycle.
Model 1250XCC only, the system begins the
automatic cleaning program.