Dometic L-2518 Hair Dryer User Manual

The return air vent will be mounted under the bunk
in the side panel on the passenger side. It will just fit
between the panel supports on the backside of the
kick panel.
(Note: if your return air kit has the two 12½" x 5½"grills
instead of the single square grill, either use a 4" hole
saw to cut at least two holes behind each grill or use
a reciprocating saw to cut out the rectangular holes
for these grills.)
Locate the supports and cutout for the grill. Use a
hole saw to cut out the four corners (Fig. 8), and a
reciprocating saw to complete the hole for the vent
(Figs. 9-10).
Remember, good air flow from the return
air grill to the CHEB evaporator coil is
critical for your air conditioning system to
perform correctly. Do not allow anything to
block this air flow.
Volvo L-4 Installation Guidelines
Figure 8 - Location for cutting return air vent
Figure 9 - Return air vent hole cut
Figure 10 - Return air grill flange installed