Dometic L-2518 Hair Dryer User Manual

Volvo L-4 Installation Guidelines
We recommend you install the return air grill under
the bunk in the side panel on the passenger side. This
will make it less likely for the air flow to be blocked by
something in the luggage compartment, and will also
give you easy access to the quick-connect refrigerant
fittings with a wrench.
The supply air will be routed through the Volvo duct-
work, and will also be ducted to one or two additional
discharge grills, depending on the BTU model you are
IMPORTANT! Refer to the Dometic instal-
lation manual for details on installing and
connecting the CHEB and condensing
Figure 4 - Installing the CHEB
Figure 3 - Laying out the CHEB template
5" (max.)
Dometic HVAC
Factory HVAC
Bunk wall
1" between Dometic HVAC
unit and factory HVAC unit
Refrigerant lines
5" between bunk wall
and Dometic HVAC