Dometic L-2518 Hair Dryer User Manual

Volvo L-4 Installation Guidelines
The Dometic remote auxiliary air conditioning system
consists of two basic components: an outside
condensing unit, which contains the condenser and
an exhaust fan, and an inside unit, which contains the
compressor, heater, evaporator and blower (CHEB).
The two units are connected by precharged refriger-
ant lines with quick-connect fittings.
For the Volvo L-4 chassis, we recommend placing the
CHEB unit in the passenger-side luggage compart-
ment alongside the Volvo factory air conditioning unit
(Fig. 1), and mounting the condensing unit either hori-
zontally under the truck (Figs. 2a-2b), with exhaust
air blowing down toward the road, or vertically on the
back wall of the sleeper. Refer to the primary instal-
lation manual for important guidelines not included
Use the template to position the CHEB unit correctly
(Fig. 3). Place the template with the “edge of the unit”
1-1½" from the factory HVAC unit mounting foot.
The “edge of the unit” line with the notations for the
quick connections should be nearest the bunk wall.
The line of the “edge of the unit” should be approxi-
mately 5" from the bunk wall. Mark for the two quick
connect holes 3½" off the “edge of the unit” using
the construction lines (Fig. 4). Follow the step-by-step
procedures in the installation manual for mounting the
unit and drilling holes.
Figure 1 - CHEB installed in luggage compartment
Figure 2a - Condensing unit mounted under truck
Figure 2b - Condensing unit mounted under truck