Dometic L-2518 Hair Dryer User Manual

Volvo L-4 Installation Guidelines
Installing the Control/Display Panel
For the L-4 chassis, we recommend mounting the
control/display panel on the wall above the drivers’
side cabinet (Fig. 5); remove the truck’s HVAC panel
to access the area to make it easier to route the
cabling to the Power Logic Box (PLB). The CXP cable
will run down inside the wall and across the luggage
compartment to the PLB.
Installing the Power Logic Box
The PLB will be mounted under the rear, center portion
of the bunk (Fig. 6).
To mount the PLB, first remove the backing plate from
the unit by removing the four machine screws at the
bottom. Place the backing plate on the front of the
bunk center area, off-center toward the passenger
side. Mark the four mounting holes and remove the
plate. Drill four 7/32" holes. Use four #10 machine
screws to mount the box. (The easiest way to do this
is to put the machine screws through the holes and
secure with a nut.) Replace the mounting plate onto
the PLB. Slide the PLB behind the bunk and push
onto the machine screws. Secure the box with four
nuts and lockwashers. KEPS nuts are easiest to use
(Fig. 7).
IMPORTANT! Refer to the Dometic instal-
lation manual for details on routing and
connecting cables from the control/display
panel to the PLB and CHEB.
Figure 5 - Control/Display panel mounted
Figure 6 - PLB mounting location
Figure 7 - Fastener location on PLB
Control mounted
Front of bunk
Rear wall of sleeper