Dometic L-2518 Hair Dryer User Manual

Volvo L-4 Installation Guidelines
Installing the Remaining 4” Ductwork
and Grills
The location for the additional discharge grill or grills
(one for the 10,000 BTU AC and two for the 14,000
BTU AC) is up to the installer or owner. Based on our
experience with this truck chassis, we recommend
the following (Fig. 17):
Up through the passenger-side cabinet
Low on the floor, driver’s side, in front of the cabinets
You will need to install a new plenum on top of the
CHEB unit. Use a ¼" nut driver to remove the plastic
7" hose adaptor. Remove the top cover plate with the
four screws, and reinstall on the side hole. Find the 4
x 4 x 4" three-way plenum or 4 x 4" two-way plenum.
Reinstall the screws into the new plenum (Figs. 18a-
IMPORTANT! Refer to the Dometic instal-
lation manual for details in connecting
ductwork to the discharge grills and CHEB
Figure 18a - Installing the air distribution plenum
Figure 18b – Installing the air distribution plenum
Figure 19 - CHEB with ductwork installed
Figure 17 - 4" ducts installed low on the floor on the driver’s