Citizen Systems CTD 504 Thermometer User Manual

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12. Without regular recalibration, the results may not be accurate. Every CTD504 is
calibrated right after production. See “Warranty and Recalibration” for details.
13. Keep the CTD504 away from sunlight and dusty places.
Important Notice:
The CTD504 does not require a probe cover during use. It is important to
clean and disinfect the CTD504 before and after each use. See “Cleaning and
Disinfection” for details.
For measurement:
When asleep, pressure on the ear may cause higher-than-normal temperature.
Wait a few minutes, and then measure again.
Clean your external ear before measuring. To ensure an accurate result, keep
your ear free from obstructions or excess earwax.
The measuring results from the left and right ears may differ slightly. We
recommend measuring in the same ear.
Before measuring, the user and the CTD504 should be in a steady room
temperature for at least 30 minutes. The user should also rest for 30 minutes
after exercising.
1. Press the
button. The LCD screen displays all digital
2. If the CTD504 has saved past results, the LCD screen
automatically displays the latest result.
3. When
or fl ashes with a short beep, the CTD504 is ready to use.
1. To improve accuracy, follow the illustrations below. For adults, pull the ear up
and back. For infants and children, pull the ear back.
Infants and Children
2. Fit the probe tip into the ear canal, and then press the
button. Release the button and wait a few seconds
until you hear a long beep.
3. Take the CTD504 out of the ear canal. The LCD displays the
latest measuring result. Without any operation, the CTD504 automatically
shuts off after 1 minute.
Note: Before re-measurement, wait 1 – 3 minutes.