Citizen REF CH-650 Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

- Eng 6 -
10. DO NOT wrap the cuff around a wrist in which a drip (intravenous
infusion) is inserted, or which is being used for blood transfusion
as part of medical treatment. Doing so could result in an injury or a
serious accident.
11. DO NOT use the monitor in the vicinity of ammable gases such as
those used for anaesthesia. Doing so could ignite the gases and
cause an explosion.
12. DO NOT use the monitor in enriched oxygen environments such
as a hospital’s hyperbaric chamber or oxygen tent. Doing so could
ignite the oxygen and cause a re.
13. DO NOT use mobile phones near the monitor as this could result in
a malfunction.
14. If you use a cardiac pacemaker, consult your physician before using
the monitor.
15. Be sure to use this unit only for measuring blood pressure. DO NOT
use it for any other purpose.
16. DO NOT use this unit on infants.
17. Blood pressure measurement may not be possible for anyone with
common arrhythmias such as atrial or ventricular premature beats
or atrial brillation.
Maintenance Precautions
1. DO NOT store the blood pressure monitor in locations exposed to
direct sunlight, high temperatures (over 60°C), low temperatures
(below -20°C), high relative humidity (over 95%) or excessive
amounts of dust.
2. DO NOT drop the blood pressure monitor or subject it to other
shocks or vibration.
3. Remove the batteries if the monitor will be left unused for a long
4. DO NOT attempt to disassemble the monitor.
5. DO NOT bend the cuff excessively.
6. If the monitor is very dirty, wipe it clean with a cloth moistened with
sterilizing alcohol or a neutral detergent. Then wipe it with a dry