Citizen REF CH-650 Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

- Eng 3 -
General remarks on blood pressure and blood pressure
1. To de ate the cuff quickly, press the “START/STOP” switch.
2. The attached cuff is suitable for wrist circumferences of 13.5-
21.5 cm.
3. When attaching the cuff, the body of a blood pressure monitor
should be placed on the inside of your wrist.
4. Self measurement is not therapy! In no event should you change
the dosage of your medication prescribed by your physician.
5. As preparation for measuring your blood pressure, you should
urinate and then remain relatively still for 10 to 15 minutes prior to
6. Exercising, eating, drinking, smoking, etc., prior to measurement
may affect the results.
7. Your blood pressure varies constantly throughout the day.
Measurements should be taken regularly at the same time each
8. DO NOT place too much emphasis on the results of one
measurement. Keep a continuing record of your blood pressure
variations. A complete picture can only be obtained from a large
number of readings.
9. Emotional stress tends to cause your blood pressure to rise.
To obtain correct blood pressure measurements
1. Take ve or six deep breaths and then relax before measuring your
blood pressure. If you are tense when taking the measurement, you
will not get a valid reading.
2. Your blood pressure will be elevated if you are anxious or irritated,
suffering from lack of sleep or constipation, or have just taken some
exercise or eaten a meal.
3. Wrap the cuff around your wrist snugly. (
See page 14)
4. DO NOT measure your blood pressure after bathing or drinking.
5. If you feel the need to urinate, do so before measuring your blood
6. Measure your blood pressure where the room temperature is
around 20°C. DO NOT measure your blood pressure when it is too