Citizen CH-471B Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

Eng 5
2 3cm
When you will wind the cuff, please wind the cuff next
to the skin of possible.
(If measurement is made by rolling the shirts or jacket
up over the arm, this will constrict the upper arm and
prevent accurate measurement.)
Rubber cuff hose should be placed on the inside of your
arm on top of the arteria as figure.
Please make sure that the cuff is fastened tightly. Note
that uneven cuff winding will prevent proper measure-
Rest the elbow on a table so that the section of the upper
arm is at the height of the heart. Relax the lower arm across
the table and remain still, since movement - artifacts may
falsify the measuring result.
Make measurements in either a seated or reclining pos-
ture with the palm turned upward.
3. To Start the Measurement
Press the START Switch.
The arm cuff pressurizes when START Switch is pressed.
After the START Switch is pressed,
the pressure is automatically height-
ened to the level for measurement of
the blood pressure.
When the pressure lowers by
15mmHg after pressurization stops,
the mark of Q lights up.
If the pulse is recognized, the pres-
sure is shifted to the diastolic blood
pressure display section and
changed over, synchronized with the
The buzzer sounds for two seconds,
then the systolic blood pressure, di-
astolic blood pressure and pulse are
indicated and the air is discharged.
The measured data are registered
automatically, as long as they are not
4. Turn Power OFF
Press the POWER Switch to turn off.