Citizen CH-471B Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

Eng 6
5. Subsequent Measurement
When a measurement need to be made again, the time
between two measurements must be at least ten minutes.
6. Automatic Power OFF Function
If this is left on after measurement an Automatic Power-
OFF Function turns the power off after approximately 3
minutes. To continue measurement press the POWER
Switch turning the units on.
7. Battery Replacement
If the batteries become weak, the mark will appear
in the display, indicating that batteries should be replaced
with new one. Dispose of the dead batteries properly to
preserve the environment.
Remove the battery cover at mainframe and replace the
four pieces of batteries.
Type AA battery or equivalent is suitable for this blood
pressure monitor.
Batteries are dead.
Battery will be dead soon.
This is rough indication and dispersed,
depending on batteries.
Batteries are normal.
*Depending on the battery,
may not be on the dis-