Citizen CH-471B Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

Eng 4
1. Turn Power On
Name: Premier Precision Ltd.
Address: Block E, G-H, 6
floor, Phase 2, Yip Fat
Factory Building,
73-75 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Insert the air connector from the cuff into the tube socket at
the mainframe until it is tightly connected.
Press on the Power switch for power on.
If the Power switch is pressed, the
mark of “Q” lights up and the buzzer
sounds for one second.
After the buzzer sounds, the last-
measured systolic blood pressure,
diastolic blood pressure and pulse
are indicated for about 2 seconds.
Then, the buzzer sounds three times
at the interval of 100ms, and the
meter is automatically set to the state
to wait for pressurization.
2. Attaching of Arm Cuff and Posture During
Unfasten and open the cuff as shown
in the figure.
Wind the arm cuff around the left upper arm tightly so that
bottom edge of the cuff is positioned about 2 – 3 cm above
the elbow joint.
European Representative:
Name: WvW elektronische Geräte Vertrieb GmbH.
Address: Robert-Koch-Straße 20, D-80538 München,