Shure SEK-2 Microscope & Magnifier User Manual

The Shure Model SEK-2 Stylus Evaluation Kit consists of a high-quality mi-
croscope designed to evaluate the condition of phonograph cartridge stylus
tips. The SEK-2 provides a visual indication of the amount of wear on stylus
tips, enabling the customer to judge the necessity for replacing his stylus.
The SEK-2 includes a
100-200x monocular microscope featuring coated
optics, 10 to
20x zoom eyepiece, lox objective, rigid
stand construction, in-
clined eyetu be, precision focus control with end-of-focus slip clutch, and ten-
sion control to maintain focus. In addition, the microscope has x- and y-plane
horizontal stage positioning controls, and locating screws and hole on the stage
to facilitate stylus positioning. The SEK-2 also includes a two-lamp stage illu-
minator, stylus mounting block, stylus mounting plate, pliable material for
mounting other than Shure styli, dust cover, pencil-type flashlight (uses two
penlite batteries), and two light diffusers for the lamp assembly.
The Shure SEK-2 Microscope is a high-quality optical instrument. Reason-
able care will insure years of excellent service. Keep the Microscope covered
when not in use.