Shure SEK-2 Microscope & Magnifier User Manual

The following recommendations will help the customer to maximize the life
of his stylus.
Follow the turntable or tone arm manufacturer's instructions when
adjusting antiskating force.
Do not handle the tone arm
while it is in operation. Accidentally
touching the tone arm while the turntable is rotating can cause the
arm to sweep across the record.
If it is necessary to manually place the tone arm in the record groove
while the turntable is rotating, be sure to release it as soon as the
Dynamic Stabilizer sets down on the record or as the stylus engages
the record groove.
Correct any improper setdown adjustment or malfunction of the
turntable changing mechanism to prevent the stylus from striking the
edge of the turntable or the record.
Take care to pr6perly insert the stylus into the cartridge assembly
and the cartridge and shell assembly into the tone arm receptacle.
Use proper vertical tracking force setting for each cartridge. Mis-
adjustment of the tone arm counterbalance can cause excessive
vertical force beyond specified limits.
7. Do not use damaged records.
When dusting the turntable, be sure to protect the stylus with the
stylus guard or Dynamic Stabilizer.