Samsung BW-3100HL Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

Measurement Method
Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure/Intended Use
Why Is It Important To Control My Blood Pressure?
Left uncontrolled hypertension can place an incredible
amount of stress on your heart and arteries. They are
both forced to work harder to keep blood flowing through
your body. Over time this stress may result in health relat-
ed problems including enlargement of the heart, loss of
artery elasticity, heart disease, stroke and death. Making
simple lifestyle changes now may help you stay healthy in
the future.
Commonly Asked Questions About
Blood Pressure
Healthy Living blood pressure monitors are designed for
home use. They are noninvasive; no part enters your body,
and provide systolic, diastolic and pulse rate measurements.
These monitors are recommended for use by people over 18
years of age and are not suitable for clinical use.
Intended Use
Healthy Living monitors measure blood pressure and
pulse rate by using an oscillometric method, meaning the
fluctuations in pressure are measured. Once the cuff is
wrapped around the wrist, the monitor is turned on and
the cuff is automatically inflated. The inflation of the cuff
creates pressure around the arteries inside the wrist.
Within the cuff is a gauge which senses the fluctuations
(oscillations) in pressure. The fluctuations measured are
the arteries contracting with each heart beat as a result of
the pressure the cuff has placed on the wrist. The monitor
measures these contractions and converts the information
to a digital value. That is the result displayed on the mon-
itor screen. Once the measurement is complete the cuff
will automatically deflate.
Measurement Method