Samsung BW-3100HL Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement
* Once the cuff is properly around your wrist and you are
seated with your feet flat on the floor, you are ready to
take your measurement.
* Press "SET" button to select a particular memory zone
(no.1 to no.3).
* See "3 Zones of 30 Memory" for detailed instructions on
setting/using memory.
* Press the "START/STOP" button to begin measuring. You
will feel the cuff get tighter, this is normal. The cuff will
automatically inflate to the level that is right for you.
The cuff should not inflate to the point of discomfort, if
this happens the cuffed is wrapped to tightly. Press the
"START/STOP" button to stop the measurement and
rewrap the cuff leaving more room between your wrist
and the cuff.
* As the monitor determines your blood pressure, numbers
will appear and change on the display screen until your
reading is complete.
Taking a Blood Pressure
Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement/Memory
* When your measurement is complete the monitor will
automatically deflate by releasing the air in the cuff.
* The process should take less than a minute and once the
measurement is complete your blood pressure and pulse
rate will be displayed. The monitor will turn itself off
approximately 1 minute after completing a reading.
NOTE: Blood pressure constantly changes during the course
of a day. Occasionally high or low readings do not necessarily
mean you are ill or that the monitor is malfunctioning. If you
experience abnormal measurements it is important to speak
with your doctor to learn what your normal blood pressure is.
Taking a Blood Pressure
When you take a measurement the monitor will automatically
store it as number 1. As you continue to take measurement
the monitor will "push" the previous measurement back one
space. The most recent measurement will always be 1, the
measurement before that will be 2 and so on. To view meas-
urements in Memory, press the "MEMORY" button for the last
reading and continue to press for each previous reading.