Philips Norelco PT724/41 Electric Shaver User Manual

LED Multi-Purpose Display
The display provides the following information:
Charging Indicator
When the razor is charging, the charging light
blinks green.
Full Charge Indicator
When the battery is fully charged, the charging
light lights up continuously. After approximately
30 minutes, the charging light goes out to save
Low Battery Indicator
When the battery is almost empty (5 or less
shaving minutes left), the charging light starts to
blink orange. When you turn the razor OFF the
charging light blinks orange for a few seconds.
Quick Charge Indicator
When you charge the empty battery, the
charging light alternately blinks orange and green.
After approximately 3 minutes, the charging light
continues to blink green.
- The razor now contains enough energy for a
5-minute shave.
Razor Head Replacement Indicator
-Once a year, depending on your shaving behavior,
the razor head replacement symbol will light up
orange continuously, as a reminder to replace the
razor heads.
Before First Use
Charge the razor before you start using
it (see ‘Charging’). Make sure the razor is
switched off before you start charging it.
Only use the power cord provided to charge
the razor.
The power plug transforms 100-240V AC to
less than 24V DC.
Charging or recharging at temperatures below
40ºF or higher than 95ºF adversely affects
lifetime of batteries.
Charging or recharging requires eight full
A fully charged razor has a cordless shaving
time of up to 45 minutes (PT730) or 40
minutes (PT729/PT724).
When charging razor for the first time or
after a long period of non-use, charge until
the charging light lights up continuously.
Do not charge razor in a pouch.
Do not charge/recharge or use razor until
fully dried.