Philips Norelco PT724/41 Electric Shaver User Manual

After Each Use: Trimmer
1 Turn razor OFF.
C 2 Push down spring-release trimmer switch.
C 3 Clean trimmer with the short-bristled side
of the brush every time you use it.
C 4 Lubricate the trimmer teeth with one
drop of mineral oil every 6 months.
5 Close trimmer by pressing trimmer down.
Replacing the Razor Heads
Replace the razor heads once a year for
optimal shaving results.
Replace damaged or worn razor heads with
model HQ8 Philips Norelco razor heads only.
Razor Head Replacement Indicator
C The razor head replacement indicator symbol
will light up orange continuously to remind
you to replace your razor heads.
1 Turn razor OFF, remove the charging plug
from the outlet and power cord from the
C 2 Press the Razor Head Release Button to
open the Razor Head Assembly.
C 3 Pull the shaving unit off the razor.
C 4 Turn the lock counterclockwise to unlock
(A) and remove the retaining frame (B).
5 Remove the razor heads and place the
new razor heads in the shaving unit.
Make sure that the two pointy edges of the head
fit exactly into the recesses.
6 Replace the frame and turn the lock
clockwise until it locks into place.