Citizen REF CH-657 Blood Pressure Monitor User Manual

- Eng 24 -
Q Why is the blood pressure measured at home different from that
measured by the physician or at a hospital?
A Your blood pressure may vary due to exercise, the ambient temperature
or your mental state. When you have a physician or nurse measure your
blood pressure, the pressure value is likely to be 10 to 20 mmHg higher
than usual due to anxiety and/or stress. Knowing what affects your blood
pressure helps you to better monitor your health.
Q Why does the blood pressure obtained vary with measurement?
A Our blood pressure is adjusted by automatic nerve function. Blood
pressure differs with every heart beat. We are likely to think that our
blood pressure is constant, but it varies if you take measurements
in repetition. Blood pressure is susceptible to the time of day, such
as morning and afternoon, season and atmospheric temperature. In
addition, blood pressure is easily affected by mental stress or emotional
ups and downs. It tends to increase when you feel tension or decrease
when you are relaxed.
Q What is the bene t of measuring my blood pressure at home?
A Blood pressure measurements taken at home give reliable data as they
can be taken when you are in a stable and relaxed condition. Physicians
place considerable importance on blood pressure measurements taken
at home. You should measure your blood pressure at the same time
each day and record the variations in your blood pressure.
Always consult your physician for an interpretation of your
blood pressure readings and to determine the proper