Citizen REF CH-611C Blood Glucose Meter User Manual

After cleaning the cuff with a neutral detergent, lightly rinse it with wa-
ter and let it dry in the air. Hard rubbing or washing in a washing
machine will cause air leakage. Also, be careful not to get water into
the air hose.
General Remarks on blood pressure measurement
If the cuff is to be deflated quickly, depress “POWER” switch.
The attached cuff is suited for a wrist circumstance of 13.5cm to
When attaching the cuff, rubber cuff hose should be placed on the
inside of your wrist.
Self measurement is no therapy! In no case may you change the dos-
age of medication prescribed by your physician.
In operation for blood pressure measurement, you should urinate
and should remain relatively still for 10 to 15 minutes prior to mea-
Exercise, eating and drinking, smoking, etc., prior to measurement
may affect the results.
The blood pressure varies constantly throughout the day. Measure-
ment should be made regularly at the same time each day.
Do NOT be impressed by the results of one measurement. Keep a
record of blood pressure variations. Many readings tell a story.
Emotional stress may tend to cause pressure to rise.
For proper measurement of blood pressure
Take a deep breath five or six time and then relax before measuring
blood pressure. If you are tense when taking the measurement, you
will not get a valid reading.
Blood pressure will be elevated when you are in a worrisome or irri-
tated state, suffering from lack of sleep or constipation, or after exer-
cise or a meal.
Putting on the cuff is one of the most important tasks for ensuring
proper measurement of blood pressure.
Wind the cuff around the
wrist and tighten it so that one finger may be inserted between the
cuff and arm.
Do NOT measure blood pressure after bathing or drinking.
When you feel like relieving yourself, you should do so before mea-
suring blood pressure.
Measure blood pressure where the room temperature is about 20˚C.
Do NOT measure blood pressure when it is too cold (below 10˚C) or
too hot (above 40˚C) in the room.
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