Pelco C761M-A Light Therapy Device User Manual

C761M-A (4/08)
13VDIR Series Day/Night Lenses
Important Safety Instructions
WARNINGS: Prior to installation and use of this product, the following items should be observed.
Servicing should be done only by qualified service personnel.
Only use replacement parts recommended by Pelco.
Please thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information in this manual prior to installation and operation.
The purpose of these lenses is to compensate for the focus shift that results from the different wavelengths of visible and IR light. IR corrected lenses focus
light energy on the same plane. The result is better focus, sharper contrast, and better overall image quality.
IR corrected lenses are particularly of benefit to Pelco’s day/night cameras, which “see” both visible and IR light. IR corrected lenses allow a camera’s
imager to take in visible and IR illumination in “night” conditions (when the IR cut filter is not deployed), while eliminating the problem of IR focus shift.
The 13VDIR Series lenses are appropriate for indoor and outdoor lighting situations. The lenses will fit all 1/3-inch CS mount cameras requiring DC drive
auto iris lenses. Lenses in the 13VDIR Series come with a standard square 4-pin plug installed for ease of installation and convenience.
Lenses in this series are available in 2.8X (13VDIR3-8.8), 3.9X (13VDIR2.8-11), and 6.7X (13VDIR7.5-50) zoom with varying focal lengths.
Maximum and minimum apertures for these lenses are: 1.4-2.6 (13VDIR2.8-11), 1.0-1.6 (13VDIR3-8.5), and 1.3-1.8 (13VDIR7.5-50). This allows for excellent
performance characteristics across a wide range of lighting conditions. These lenses have aspheric elements, which provide crisper, optimized images at all
focal lengths.
13VDIR2.8-11 2.8 to 11 mm varifocal lens with direct drive auto iris, manual focus, and manual zoom
13VDIR3-8.5 3 to 8.5 mm varifocal length lens with direct drive auto iris, manual focus, and manual zoom
13VDIR7.5-50 7.5 to 50 mm varifocal length lens with direct drive auto iris, manual focus, and manual zoom
1. Remove the dust cover from the lens. Remove any dust with a soft brush or clean compressed air.
2. Install the lens by carefully threading it clockwise on the mount of the camera until fully seated. If the lens has a coupling ring, tighten it against the
camera. Use a C/CS mount adapter if attaching a C-type lens to a CS-type camera. The PMCA40 adapter is available from Pelco.
3. Plug the electrical connector directly into the camera’s DC drive.
4. Follow the camera operating instructions for iris and focus adjustments.