Centurion M23/2000 Oxygen Equipment User Manual

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Models covered
Power Units : M23/1000, M23/2000, M23/8500
Powered Respirator kits: M23/1000/CB, M23/2000/CB, M23/8500/CB
(Power Unit, 8-hour Battery and UK Charger)
Available Headpieces: See section 2 below
Before using the system it is essential that you read these instructions and ensure that the correct equipment has
been selected. Always be aware of the limitations of use of the equipment and that it is appropriate to the task.
If these instructions are not followed or the unit is used incorrectly the system may not offer protection to EN12941/42 or EN 146.
Power units offer NO protection unless a main filter(s) is fitted.
In a power off situation the headpiece offers no respiratory protection and rapid CO2 build-up and oxygen depletion may also result. This is an
abnormal situation.
Power off is an abnormal situation regardless of whether a full hood, half suit or mask is used.
At high work rates the pressure inside the headpiece may become negative at peak inhalation.
The system should not be used in oxygen deficient or oxygen enriched atmospheres.
The user must ensure that the nature of the hazard is identified and that the system offers an adequate level of protection.
This unit should not be used where the nature of the hazard is unknown.
This unit is NOT intrinsically safe and therefore should not be used in explosive atmospheres
Be aware that the hose protrudes from the back of the headpiece and take care to avoid snagging.
In high wind velocities the assumed protection levels may not be achieved.
The full hood and half suit provide no protection against impact to head, face or eyes.
Respiratory protection will be reduced unless the hood is correctly fitted and properly maintained.
Do not confuse the markings on any filter which relate to standards other than EN12941 or EN12942 with the classification of this device when
used with that filter. The classification for EN12941 will begin with "TH" and for EN12942 will begin with "TM". Filters should only be fitted to the
power unit, do not attempt to fit them directly to a hood or helmet.
kits Power Unit 8 hr Battery UK Charger StandardClass
M23/1000 M23P2/4B M23P2/4BC EN146 THP2
M23/2000 M23SPB M23UIC EN12941 TH2/TH3
M23/8500/CB M23/8500 M23SPB M23UIC EN12941/2
The M23/8500 and Full Facemask is approved with the full range of Martindale DIN 40 gas/combination filters.
The M23/8500 & TH2 headpieces are approved for use with the Fitta range of Combination Gas/Dust filters (M09A1P2) .
Optional 4 hour battery and charger available for the 2000 power units – M23P2/4B battery and M23P2/4BC charger.
All headpiece systems are to EN12941 or EN 146 with the exception of the Full facemask, which is to EN12942.
Note: Heavy Duty Battery M23HD4B and charger M23UIC are also available for use with the Magnum 1000 and will typically give durations of
12 hours+.
Note: Magnum 2000 only conforms to TH3 when used with M23P3/5 filters and M23LHF otherwise it conforms to TH2
Note: Nominal Protection factors of headpieces used with Magnum 1000 is 20
Nominal and Assigned Protection Factors for Headpiece/Power Unit kits
(Refer to Compatibility table below for suitable power units)
Headpiece code dust gases
dust gases
Rigid Polycarbonate Visor with Saronex Hood M23RVSN 50
50 20 20
Flip up Polycarbonate Visor M23FUVN 50
50 20 20
Helmet with Flip-up Polycarbonate Visor M23HFUV 50
50 20 20
High Temperature Helmet with Clear Triacetate Flip up Visor M23HFUVHTT 50
50 20 20
High Temperature Helmet with Gold Polycarbonate Visor M23HFUVHTGP 50
50 20 20
Automatic Welding Visor M23AWSN 50
50 20 20
Fixed Shade Welding Visor M23FSWVN 50
50 20 20
Lightweight P3 Tyvek F Hood M23LHF 50/500* 50/500* 20/40* 20/40*
Full Hood M23FH/8 500 - 40 -
Half Suit M23HS/8 500 - 40 -
Full facemask with twin hose M23FF 2000 2000 40 40
* Note NPF=500 & APF=40 when M23LHF is used with TH3P Filters (e.g. M23P3/5 or M23P3SL/6) and M23/2000 or 8500 otherwise the M23LHF
has NPF=50
& APF=20.
A detailed table showing the exact classifications and protection levels is given in the headpiece instructions (024-001-692) supplied with each
headpiece which must be read in conjunction with these instructions.